The Latest Flooring Idea: Staggered Tile Transitions

Staggered tile is one of the hottest new flooring designs. We’ve explored some beautiful options for this popular trend that are sure to give you a one-of-a-kind look!

What Is Staggered Floor Tile?

Staggered tile transitions are somewhat new to the flooring scene, so you may not be familiar with what is meant by staggered floor tile..

Simply put, staggered floor tile designs transition from one tile style to another tile style (or another flooring type).

Transition From One Tile Color or Design to Another

One way to incorporate staggered floor tile into your home is to choose two different tile styles that you like and that complement one another, and then create a staggered design to transition from one to the other.

Here are some examples.

Transition From Black Tile to White Tile

Kitchen Design Small

Take the most classic color scheme in the book — black and white — and transition from one to the other. We love how the white tile underneath the bathtub transitions to the black tile in an irregular fashion, with a few white tiles randomly placed within the black.


Transition From Light Tile to Dark Tile


Similarly, light and dark versions of the same tile design are good candidates for staggered tile transitions. The staggered transition here is less stark than it is with the black and white tile, especially as the tiles are slightly variegated.


Transition From Monochromatic Tile to Patterned Tile

971 Laguna PorcelainTile MixDeco Navy 6x6 8 Field Bathroom

Tile Highlights From Coverings 2018 Interior Design

Another idea is to transition from a monochromatic tile design to a patterned tile design.

The examples above show two ways this could look, with one transitioning from blue tile to a floral tile pattern and the other from white tile to blue tile with a white geometric pattern.

In the first photo, using green grout with the blue tile helps tie the floral and solid tiles together. In the second photo, the white hex design on the blue tile creates a similar effect.

Transition From One Tile Shape to Another


Staggered installations can use the same tile shape on both sides of the transition, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

See how this hexagon bathroom floor tile transitions into other hexagon tiles as it continues up the bathroom wall but also as it transitions to a square grid tile as it spills out into the hallway. Staggered tile transitions give you unlimited options, inc


Transition From Tile to Wood

Technically, you can transition from tile to a variety of other flooring materials and wood is a popular option.

Whether using hardwood, engineered wood, or wood-look tile, staggered transitions from ceramic tile to a wood look are designed to impress.

Transition From Marble-Look Tile to Wood in a Herringbone

download 1

Transition From Marble-Look Hex Tiles to Wood

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Transition From Multicolor Hexagon Tiles to Wood

download 2

Roundabout Grey LightGrey White Install7 scaled 1

Multicolor hex tiles also pair beautifully with wood looks. Which look do you prefer, the first image with bolder solid hexes or the second image with muted variegated hexes?

Pro tip: Going with wood-look tile, as in the second example, ensures that your wood design has all of the water resistance, scratch resistance, and other low-maintenance benefits of ceramic tile. Designs that transition from ceramic tile to real wood require the extra caution that comes from differing maintenance needs.

Transition From Patterned Tiles to Wood


Juxtaposing a patterned or creative tile design with your wood can also be a fun choice. There’s something outright celestial about this starry night tile and white wood combination.

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Transition to Staggered Tile Designs

So, now that you’re more familiar with staggered floor tile, what do you think? We knew you’d love it, which is why we have even more staggered tile transition design ideas for you to check out on our blog and Pinterest.

Staggered tile transitions aren’t restricted to flooring. Consider incorporating them into your other tile applications as well! Sneak peak: this staggered tile treatment makes for a gorgeous statement wall!

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