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Chicago Brick

VisualReclaimed Brick
TypeH.D.I.T Pressed Ceramic
Slip ResistanceYes
PEI Rating4
Frost ResistanceYes
Shade VariationModerate/High
Screens/ Faces96
Sizes16×16, 8×16, 8×8, 4×8, 9×11 Hex, 3×16 Bullnose, 3×3 Staggered Mosaic (12×16 Sheet).
ColorsOld Chicago, Wrigley, Slate Street, & South Side

CaptureV 3 Ultra

Please Note:
The 16×16, 8×16 and 8×8 can be utilized in a modular pattern.
The Chicago brick name appears in each color approximately four times in every 56, 4×8 brick.
The City Mix is available in all four colors. There are 26 designs and are available in one box only.
Names cannot be ordered separately and are randomly packed.

*Wrigley is no longer available in 8×8, 8×16, 16×16, 3×16 Bullnose

**South Side is no longer available in 16×16

***State Street is no longer available in 4x16x2 Stair

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