Luxury Engineered Hardwood Planks

PremierLux – Luxury Engineered Real Wood

This flooring consists of variable colored planks. For BEST results, determine your color design pattern prior to installation by laying out different color planks from several cartons at a time.





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  • PremierLux is selected from the best Old European White Oak Wood Forests to give you a timeless & luxurious floor.

  • PremierLux is available in several elegantly crafted wood colors, which are also economically priced for your home today.

  • PremierLux is designed to be incredibly stable and durable, compared to other wood floors, and includes a durable AO Finish.

  • PremierLux offers specially designed moldings and stairs that will help give your home a color-coordinated, professional look.

  • PremierLux comes with an excellent industry standard Limited Residential Warranty and a Limited Light Commercial Warranty.

  • PremierLux is Floor Score certified – meaning it exceeds health requirements for VOC’s.

  • PremierLux is one of the Best-Selling Wood Collections for Luxurious American Home Designs today!.

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